Childhood cypresses

When I made my Three friends, I entertained the idea that they should be five. When I made the other two Friends, I used a different type of structure to hold the rope netting and they ended up looking quite different from the other three, which wasn't bad, but so alike one another that I… Continue reading Childhood cypresses


On the way to the perfect home

While searching for my perfect home, which resulted in the Three friends, I realized that it is always good to have a goal, a road you go on, but it's best to keep an open mind because what you look for may not be at the end of the road, but on the way and… Continue reading On the way to the perfect home

In search of the perfect home

I am currently working on a project called The perfect home, which I started two years ago. The project began as a research for what would be the perfect home for me. It turned out to be a state of mind rather than a place. I'm using the snail shell as a representation of it… Continue reading In search of the perfect home