Inspiration is my favorite food

Inspiration is that drive that makes you do something and go through the day without caring about anything else (in my case that anything would be food, for others might be cigarettes 🙃). It is unlike any feeling I tried to explain before. It is so rewarding and motivating. I started today by listening to… Continue reading Inspiration is my favorite food


Thoughts by the sea

Last weekend I went to Balcic & 2 Mai because that's what people do here on 1st of May, they go to the seaside. On Monday morning, while I was waiting for my friends to wake up, I went to the beach and spent some quiet, quality time with the sea. Looking at it for… Continue reading Thoughts by the sea

What I learned from Picasso and forgot

I don't like Picasso. I don't like Picasso's cubist paintings... much. I used to say I don't like Picasso... until on time, in high school, I got an assignment for history class to write an essay about him. After I read a biography about Picasso, I couldn't say I don't like him any more and… Continue reading What I learned from Picasso and forgot

Awed by chance

When I visited Musée d'Ixelles I saw a retrospective of Gao Xingjian's works. He is a Chinese writer, who, actually, won a Nobel Prize for literature. So what is he doing in an visual arts gallery? Well, he paints too. And if his writing is half as good as his painting, I should read him.… Continue reading Awed by chance

Not sure if cat… or Salvador Dali

I started a new blog (Folosește-mă) where I write the ideas I'll probably never use. It's just in Romanian, though. I had a notebook where I would write my ideas, but I thought I should put them on the internet because I'll probably not make use of most of them. And while I was browsing… Continue reading Not sure if cat… or Salvador Dali

Are you calling me a fool?

When I started doing masks, something like this was very far from my mind, not because I don't like it, but because I had lot of ideas of my own and I didn't feel like doing something that was done before. Still, this was very fun to make and it does leave a lot of… Continue reading Are you calling me a fool?