My creations have their own free will

A while ago I wrote about my intention to start a Family. It  began  with a mother and two children... twins. The twins were created to complete the Three friends, which I always felt should be five. But I made those two in a slightly different way than the other three and even if the… Continue reading My creations have their own free will


Childhood cypresses

When I made my Three friends, I entertained the idea that they should be five. When I made the other two Friends, I used a different type of structure to hold the rope netting and they ended up looking quite different from the other three, which wasn't bad, but so alike one another that I… Continue reading Childhood cypresses

In search of the perfect home

I am currently working on a project called The perfect home, which I started two years ago. The project began as a research for what would be the perfect home for me. It turned out to be a state of mind rather than a place. I'm using the snail shell as a representation of it… Continue reading In search of the perfect home

On the radio

To quote Lulu Miller, "if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the ears are the fucking doors!" Thanks to a friend I found some really amazing... no,no... delightful podcasts, because she introduced me to Lulu Miller (meaning she gave me this link, who has a radio show, Invisibilia, and was producer… Continue reading On the radio

Out of the box

The morning of the day I went to Mogosoaia was a very special one. I received an invitation to The Biennial of Textile Miniature in Vilnius, where I participated with Unfinished, in 2013. I did not want to go this time, because I'm working on something bigger and I didn't feel like stopping to do something… Continue reading Out of the box

International Textile Art Exhibition in Haacht, Belgium – Three + 1 friends

The exhibition was really, really nice and was visited by LOTS of people. It seems Goody got a little shy and had to rely on Jolly, but that's what friends are for. I like the way the curator placed the work because it makes you want to go all around them. It also makes me want… Continue reading International Textile Art Exhibition in Haacht, Belgium – Three + 1 friends