See it with your own eyes

There are three artists on my must see list that also exhibited at this year's Miniartextil - To weave dreams: Janet Echelman, who is my favorite textile artist ❤ Numen / For Use, which was the most fun art experience so far 😀 and Nao Kimura, whose "Methamorphosis" turned out to be my favorite installation… Continue reading See it with your own eyes


From fairyland to anything-land

I went on Friday at a gallery in Bucharest I haven't been to before, Galeria Tipografia. It is a place that reminded me of my encounter with the artistic world of Leipzig. Tipografia Gallery is situated in a place that used to be part of a factory, but that it wasn't used any more for… Continue reading From fairyland to anything-land

A moment when anything can happen…

I was sitting in bed today, with the laptop on my lap, pretty much like I am sitting right now. The cat was sleeping at my feet and the sun was spreading a beautiful light through the curtains. I was listening to music that makes me feel like it's Christmas every day and doing something… Continue reading A moment when anything can happen…