See it with your own eyes

There are three artists on my must see list that also exhibited at this year's Miniartextil - To weave dreams: Janet Echelman, who is my favorite textile artist ❤ Numen / For Use, which was the most fun art experience so far 😀 and Nao Kimura, whose "Methamorphosis" turned out to be my favorite installation… Continue reading See it with your own eyes


Art that brings you home

During the opening of Miniartextil 2016 - To weave dreams in Como, Italy, I had the pleasure of meeting María Muñoz, who is the winner of the prize Arte&Arte of this year's exhibition. Apart from the delight that is her and her husband's company, the dreamlike landscape that is her work changed into something more… Continue reading Art that brings you home

Dreams come true

Dreams can drown you like the violin sound drowns the piano's song just to lift it back up in all it's beauty. Catch that moment and make it real, swinging from the haze of your mind. Weave a colourful cloth and cover yourself in it to better dream another dream that will break you so… Continue reading Dreams come true

I want to remember today…

... nothing special happened today. I just have this great feeling of peace that is like a warmth caressing me on the inside. It feels me up from my stomach to my throat and it's wonderfully calming. It happens every time I start feeling bad (I did have an annoying headache today) or angry or… Continue reading I want to remember today…

My creations have their own free will

A while ago I wrote about my intention to start a Family. It  began  with a mother and two children... twins. The twins were created to complete the Three friends, which I always felt should be five. But I made those two in a slightly different way than the other three and even if the… Continue reading My creations have their own free will


Last week, I started a class on Coursera. I do that sometimes although for the past two years I haven't been able to finish any of them. It is really not important if I finish this one either because it already inspired me to do something new and I guess that's what I'm looking for… Continue reading Forkspiration