Something about habits

I was looking over the posts I've written on this blog and... yes, to see if I should delete anything. Haven't found any such post so far (Hew!). 😀 Anyway, I found this post in which I was writing about how I do not access my imaginary world enough. Things haven't changed much, but recently… Continue reading Something about habits


For the love of pink!?!

I've been on a photo trip a week ago and after editing the photos I did there and after I received the photos of me, I realized something: The photos I made... ...are in contrast with how I look. Granted the weather helped me with the almost monocrome photos, but then, here is my art...… Continue reading For the love of pink!?!

What I learned from Picasso and forgot

I don't like Picasso. I don't like Picasso's cubist paintings... much. I used to say I don't like Picasso... until on time, in high school, I got an assignment for history class to write an essay about him. After I read a biography about Picasso, I couldn't say I don't like him any more and… Continue reading What I learned from Picasso and forgot

There’s something about the native language…

It is easy for me to write in English, sometimes even easier than writing in Romanian, because I think in English most of the time and because I have to write in English more often, especially since for the past couple of years I applied only to exhibitions abroad. Because of this I wrote my… Continue reading There’s something about the native language…

Yes, your child can do that too!

But you cannot! Maybe you've heard people say when looking at an artwork that their child or a child could do that too. And they are right. A child can do this. Or even this. They could surely do this. But they probably wouldn't think to do any of it or if they would, their… Continue reading Yes, your child can do that too!

Colors in love

I thought lately about the fact that I do not seem to have a favorite color any more. The context in which I see a color is more important: the colors around it. I guess I like certain combinations of colors, rather than the colors alone. This got me to think about how it came… Continue reading Colors in love