Wake up call… at midnight

I went on Friday to NAG in Bucharest which turned out to be a really nice experience. I got to see some friends I didn't have time to get in touch with lately and meet other inspiring people that I hope to see more of in the future. One of the reasons I wanted to… Continue reading Wake up call… at midnight


One does not simply have a favorite…

... when there is so much good art around. I was asked what was my favorite miniature at Miniartetxtil - To weave dreams and I don't know what to say. I like something about most of them. For some, I really like the title. For instance, this was a show-stopper for me. I was just… Continue reading One does not simply have a favorite…

The wonderful nightmare

During the opening of Miniartetxtil 2016 - To weave dreams, I also met Gertraud Enzinger, who made a wonderful representation of a nightmare. Now, you may think wonderful and nightmare do not belong in the same sentence, but they do when it comes to art. Why? Because art (visual art in this case) can make… Continue reading The wonderful nightmare

See it with your own eyes

There are three artists on my must see list that also exhibited at this year's Miniartextil - To weave dreams: Janet Echelman, who is my favorite textile artist ❤ Numen / For Use, which was the most fun art experience so far 😀 and Nao Kimura, whose "Methamorphosis" turned out to be my favorite installation… Continue reading See it with your own eyes

Art that brings you home

During the opening of Miniartextil 2016 - To weave dreams in Como, Italy, I had the pleasure of meeting María Muñoz, who is the winner of the prize Arte&Arte of this year's exhibition. Apart from the delight that is her and her husband's company, the dreamlike landscape that is her work changed into something more… Continue reading Art that brings you home

Yes, your child can do that too!

Maybe you've heard people say when looking at an artwork that their child or a child could do that too. And they are right. A child can do this. Or even this. They could surely do this. But they probably wouldn't think to do any of it or if they would, their parents would either… Continue reading Yes, your child can do that too!

From fairyland to anything-land

I went on Friday at a gallery in Bucharest I haven't been to before, Galeria Tipografia. It is a place that reminded me of my encounter with the artistic world of Leipzig. Tipografia Gallery is situated in a place that used to be part of a factory, but that it wasn't used any more for… Continue reading From fairyland to anything-land