Hate free zone

During my vacation in Prague I went to see the DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art. It was my favorite part of the trip, but I'm not going to talk about what I saw inside. Instead I'm going to tell you how I saw what I saw. On the front door there is a sticker… Continue reading Hate free zone


I want to remember today…

... nothing special happened today. I just have this great feeling of peace that is like a warmth caressing me on the inside. It feels me up from my stomach to my throat and it's wonderfully calming. It happens every time I start feeling bad (I did have an annoying headache today) or angry or… Continue reading I want to remember today…

Childhood cypresses

When I made my Three friends, I entertained the idea that they should be five. When I made the other two Friends, I used a different type of structure to hold the rope netting and they ended up looking quite different from the other three, which wasn't bad, but so alike one another that I… Continue reading Childhood cypresses

From fairyland to anything-land

I went on Friday at a gallery in Bucharest I haven't been to before, Galeria Tipografia. It is a place that reminded me of my encounter with the artistic world of Leipzig. Tipografia Gallery is situated in a place that used to be part of a factory, but that it wasn't used any more for… Continue reading From fairyland to anything-land

A moment when anything can happen…

I was sitting in bed today, with the laptop on my lap, pretty much like I am sitting right now. The cat was sleeping at my feet and the sun was spreading a beautiful light through the curtains. I was listening to music that makes me feel like it's Christmas every day and doing something… Continue reading A moment when anything can happen…

Standing still

Yesterday, I've been at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. I always find inspiration there and this time I discovered a Romanian artist that I really like. His name is Mircea Suciu and one of the works exhibited was an installation called "Dust to dust". I like how the characters blend with each… Continue reading Standing still

Inside the Placenta

I already told you about Andrea's art installation "Placenta", but I must also tell you that I was fortunate enough to see it in person. Uhuuu! 😀 It is one of those works that when I see it in a photo I feel like I need "to breathe near it". The funny thing this time is… Continue reading Inside the Placenta