Dreams come true

Dreams can drown you like the violin sound drowns the piano's song just to lift it back up in all it's beauty. Catch that moment and make it real, swinging from the haze of your mind. Weave a colourful cloth and cover yourself in it to better dream another dream that will break you so… Continue reading Dreams come true


The ideal life – Making anew

– Ideally, make your own story – Part 1 - Gathering the materials Part 2 - Making anew Needles to say, his parents were the happiest to see him back. At least, his mother was. His father got Alzheimer and took his son for his brother, who died a few years before Bill came back.… Continue reading The ideal life – Making anew

The ideal life – Gathering the materials

- Ideally, make your own story - Part 1 - Gathering the materials My name is Bill. People call me Bootstrap Bill. I'm not a real pirate, nor do I lack a leg. I liked pretending to be one as a child, though. A pirate with a wooden leg, that is. Me and my friends… Continue reading The ideal life – Gathering the materials

Out of the box

The morning of the day I went to Mogosoaia was a very special one. I received an invitation to The Biennial of Textile Miniature in Vilnius, where I participated with Unfinished, in 2013. I did not want to go this time, because I'm working on something bigger and I didn't feel like stopping to do something… Continue reading Out of the box