Arduino experiments

I found myself in need of connecting with my geek self thanks to one of the latest ideas I had. I want to create an installation that will react to people moving about the gallery. For this I had to tap into my programming background I didn't make any use of since graduating college and… Continue reading Arduino experiments


One of those times…

If yesterday I enjoyed a moment of solitude, today I met up with a friend and went by bike to a place close to Bucharest, Mogoșoaia Palaces. I wanted to go there because there was an installation by Mihai Țopescu. Unfortunately, there was tape around the installation, I guess to stop people from getting close.… Continue reading One of those times…

There is something about solitude… that I like

After I was at MNAC last week, I knew I had to come back to see the other two (turns out there were four) exhibitions. I asked some friends if they wanted to come. Some couldn't, some don't get along with contemporary art. Turns out this was good because I like to see exhibitions alone.… Continue reading There is something about solitude… that I like

Something about friendship and inspiration

A while back I made a series of artworks inspired by my friends. "Bounds increase creativity" is inspired by Navi. I am dependent on music, and apart from giving me this great gift of making incredibly good music, she is, as a person, a real inspiration. Brave, never giving up, following her dreams and doing… Continue reading Something about friendship and inspiration

Inspiration is my favorite food

Inspiration is that drive that makes you do something and go through the day without caring about anything else (in my case that anything would be food, for others might be cigarettes 🙃). It is unlike any feeling I tried to explain before. It is so rewarding and motivating. I started today by listening to… Continue reading Inspiration is my favorite food

Something about habits

I was looking over the posts I've written on this blog and... yes, to see if I should delete anything. Haven't found any such post so far (Hew!). 😀 Anyway, I found this post in which I was writing about how I do not access my imaginary world enough. Things haven't changed much, but recently… Continue reading Something about habits

For the love of pink!?!

I've been on a photo trip a week ago and after editing the photos I did there and after I received the photos of me, I realized something: The photos I made... ...are in contrast with how I look. Granted the weather helped me with the almost monocrome photos, but then, here is my art...… Continue reading For the love of pink!?!